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LCRP Platform

The Llano County Republican Party (LCRP) supports the Republican Party of Texas’ (RPT) platform, which sets forth the principles and values of our Republican Party.  These consist of but are not limited to:

  • Belief in the U.S. Constitution
  • Pro-Life & Strong Family Values
  • Right to Bear Arms
  • Strong National Defense
  • Smaller Government
  • Balanced Budget & Reduced Spending
  • Energy Independence through Domestic Oil Production
  • Less Federal Government Interference
  • Supporting Small Business
  • True Balance of Powers
  • Reduced Taxation
  • Securing our Borders

Read the Republican Party Platform in its entirety by clicking the link:

The Llano County Republican Party invites you to join us as we strive to promote and protect the conservative philosophy and principles upon which our state and nation were founded.

Protect your rights and those of your children and grandchildren!

Become an Active Republican!