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Get to Know Your Llano County’s Executive Committee

CEC Board Members…

County Chair– The County Chair is the leader of the Llano County GOP. Some of their responsibilities include overseeing the Primary, Candidate Filing, and other elections; chairing County Executive Committee Meetings; organizing and leading the local party; as well as overseeing and/or assisting with precinct and county or Senate District Conventions as required.

Precinct Chairs– Precinct Chairs serve as a member of the CEC. They are the central manager for the smallest unit in the Republican Party. Precinct Chairs help organize their precinct; help with elections and go to convention. They have the important job of maximizing the Republican vote!

Do you have questions like these?

  • I want to help make a difference, but where do I start?
  • How do I get more information about political involvement?
  • How do I get involved on a local level?
  • How do I learn about elections?

Great Questions!

These are questions your precinct chair can answer! Precinct Chairs are the heart of local organizing. They are ordinary people representing voters and doing the real work: identifying and turning out Republican voters for elections. Chairs serve a 2-year term, elected on the even year primary ballots, or appointed if vacancies arise.

And now you are asking yourself, “Who is my Precinct Chair?”

To find out, you will first need to know in which precinct you currently reside. If you are already a registered voter in Llano County, you can find your precinct number on your voter registration card. Once you have identified your precinct number, look at the corresponding Precinct Chair’s name. Click on your Precinct Chair to send an email introducing yourself. There are currently nine precincts in Llano County.

HOW TO REGISTER TO VOTE (The official record of your registration is retained by the voter registration office in the county of your residence)

Llano County Precincts and Their Current Chairs:

Precinct Chair Duties (click to view)

Precinct Maps (click to view)