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Llano County Republican Party


Who We Are….

We are a volunteer organization that is composed of our County Chair, Becci Mears, and nine Precinct Chairs. The County Chair and Precinct Chairs are elected by popular vote at the Republican Primary Election held in March of each even-numbered years. Voters residing in each of the county’s voting precincts elect their respective Precinct Chairs. Officers are either elected or appointed according to CEC bylaws. Ex Officio members of the CEC include the SREC members of the county’s SDs and appointed Party officers. In even number years, Senatorial District Conventions are held in Llano County to elect Delegates to the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) state convention and to pass resolutions that may be included in the RPT platform.

Together, the Republican Party of Llano County is committed to increasing transparency to our elections, facilitating fair primaries, and electing Republicans in elections. We want to grow the party through education, letting others know what Republican values are. We are dedicated to all the good people of Llano County, Texas

Llano County’s Executive Committee

CEC Board Members…

County Chair– The County Chair is the leader of the Llano County GOP. Some of their responsibilities include overseeing the Primary, Candidate Filing, and other elections; chairing County Executive Committee Meetings; organizing and leading the local party; as well as overseeing and/or assisting with precinct and county or Senate District Conventions as required.

Precinct Chairs– Precinct Chairs serve as a member of the CEC. They are the central manager for the smallest unit in the Republican Party. Precinct Chairs help organize their precinct; help with elections and go to convention. They have the important job of maximizing the Republican vote!