Security and Freedom to Prosper

“Security and Freedom to Prosper”Douglas Sanders

Prior to getting to the heart of this Chairman’s Message, I would like to provide a brief update on your LCRP’s activities thus far this year.  First of all, as promised, your LCRP vetted each candidate for the upcoming May elections. All of the candidates for the Board of Trustees of the Llano County Independent School District are hard Republicans.  I am informed that, for strategic reasons, the Democrats decided to focus their efforts on the upcoming 2020 partisan elections and not run someone for the non-partisan School Board.  Accordingly, there will be no School Board election this year and all of the Republican candidates running for a position on the Board will be “elected” to their positions.  There is, however, a $10 Million School Bond which will be on the ballot this May. To better educate the voters on this Bond, your LCRP and its County Conservative Group partners have scheduled several public forums to allow the Superintendent to explain the purpose of the Bond and answer any questions. With regard to the City of Llano election, only Republicans are running for the Alderman positions.  There is a possible write-in Republican challenger to the incumbent Democrat in the Mayor’s race.  HLRW will be hosting a forum for all candidates to express their views and answer any questions.  Dates and times for all of the above will be announced in the coming days. Your LCRP is also moving forward with engaging the 20% of registered Llano County Republicans who did not vote in 2018.  Mailouts to these individuals and to newly registered voters are being prepared and 3 “Meet and Greets” are scheduled for May 6, 5:30 PM, Quail Point, 107 Twilight Lane, Horseshoe Bay; May 7, 5:30 PM, Llano Co. Library, 102 E. Haynie St., Llano, TX; and May 9, 5:30 PM, Kingsland Library, 125 W Polk St., Kingsland TX. The goal is to engage them and get them to stay engaged by joining at least one of our County Conservative Group partners. Finally, your LCRP and the Burnet County Republican Party have joined forces and organized the Highland Lakes High School Republicans of Texas chapter, which had its Organizational Meeting on March 28.  Expect to see publicity about this exciting new group of “younger Republicans” in the local papers and on social media soon! Now, on to this quarter’s Chairman’s Message.

Although the election is a year and a half away, the race for 2020 has already begun and the stakes could not be higher!  The Democrats have listed turning Texas “blue” as one of their top priorities.  Expect hundreds of millions of Democrat dollars to flood into Texas in the months leading up to November 2020.  This money will be focused on local, state and national races in the State.  Why? For two reasons.  One, with its numerous Electoral College electors, if Texas goes Democrat, it will be virtually impossible for a Republican President to be elected.  As the saying goes, “As goes Texas, so goes the Nation!” Second, redistricting in Texas and the other states begins right after the 2020 election.  If the Democrats control our State Legislature, they will determine the voting district boundaries and we will not see another Republican majority in Texas in our lifetimes.  Yeah, it’s that important!

We know what we must do to win.  We must continue to register more Republican voters, and we must get them to actually turn out and vote.  In order to accomplish these objectives, each of us must be able to succinctly explain why one must vote and, equally as important, why one must vote Republican.  Messaging is critical.  Your message should be simple, truthful, and compelling.  To better equip yourself for registering Republican voters, become a Volunteer Deputy Registrar.  Training onsite by the Llano County Elections Administrator is scheduled at 10AM the last Tuesday of each month. To sign up for the training, contact their office at 325-247-5425.

After considerable thought, I have decided when asked why one should vote Republican to respond “Security and Freedom to Prosper.” Security is an essential need for both individuals and countries.  President Trump and the Republican Party have worked tirelessly to try to secure our borders and to stand up for our First Responders.  The Republican Party IS the party of law and order and places the security of all Americans at the top of its priorities.  Similarly, the Republican Party believes that the individual—and not the government– should be the one deciding how to succeed in life.  Stated differently, the Republican Party believes that the government should “get out of the way” and let each individual pursue his or her own path to success.  America was built on that philosophy.

So, what will you say when asked why one should vote Republican?  Each of us must be effective messengers if we are to prevail in 2020.  What is your message?

Doug Sanders, Chairman—Llano County Republican Party