Governor Abbott: We Will NOT Forget What You Have Done TO Us!

Governor Abbott: We Will NOT Forget What You Have Done TO Us!

Governor Abbott, Attorney General Ken Paxton, and Seven Texas Supreme Court Justices must go!  They must not be re-elected to Office. Does that mean that we should vote for a Democrat? Of course not.  It means that we need to Primary each of these 9 individuals and elect a solid Republican who will follow the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and abide by the core principles of the Republican Party of Texas (RPT). Why am I so adamant about this?  Let me explain.

Earlier this month the RPT was set to have its 2020 in-person State Convention in Houston.  The RPT State Convention is the largest political convention in the World!  Over 8,000 delegates were scheduled to attend, together with 1,000 or more vendors and support personnel. Planning for this massive Convention began more than 2 years ago and hundreds of thousands of dollars was spent. All of this planning and money was invested because a political convention is the main vehicle by which to energize the base to go out and do the hard work necessary to raise the funds and get out the vote for Republican candidates. It is crucially important!

The Chinese Covid-19 virus became known in the United States in the first few months of 2020.  The RPT worked closely with First Houston (the Convention Operator) to ensure that safety protocols were in place for the Convention.  Two weeks before the Convention was to start, Houston’s Democrat Mayor stated that he would prefer that the RPT not have an in-person convention, but if it decided to do so, he would not try to interfere.  The SREC of the RPT (basically the RPT’s Board of Directors) polled its delegates and voted 2 to 1 to proceed with an in-person convention.  The RPT advised Houston’s Mayor that the RPT would move forward with its in-person convention.  Suddenly, one week before the Convention was set to begin, Houston’s Democrat Mayor announced that he would not allow an in-person Convention and publicly stated that he had ordered his lawyers to review the relevant contracts and “find a way to terminate First Houston’s contract with the RPT.”  The Thursday before the Monday that the Convention was set to begin, First Houston announced that it could not perform its contract because of the Covid-19 virus and cited a force majeure provision in the contract to escape its legal obligations.  The very next day, the RPT sued the City of Houston, its Mayor, First Houston, and others seeking an injunction that First Houston abide by its contract and allow the RPT to use the George R. Brown Convention Center to hold its massive 2020 Convention.

As expected, the Democrat trial judge in Houston denied the RPT’s requested injunction.  The RPT then sought an immediate appeal to the Texas Supreme Court—where every Justice is a Republican.  I have tried lawsuits for around 30 years.  I read the court pleadings and I confidently opined to one  of my Precinct Chairmen that there was at least a 95% chance that the Texas Supreme Court would grant the RPT its injunction based on the law and based on the utter devastation to the RPT if its convention had to immediately switch to an on-line convention.  I was confident in my opinion until I learned that our own Republican Attorney General’s Office filed a brief asking the Texas Supreme Court to rule AGAINST the RPT!  At that point, it became clear to me that a political directive had been issued that the Convention was not to go forward. Governor Abbott is the only person with the clout who could have made that directive known and have it followed by our Attorney General.  I have no doubt that this directive was also made known to members of the Texas Supreme Court, which ultimately ruled as the Attorney General and Governor wanted and denied the RPT’s requested relief.  The Texas Supreme Court issued its ruling on the very day the RPT’s convention was to begin.  Although a federal district judge on Friday of that week ultimately ruled in the RPT’s favor and ordered the City of Houston to open the George R. Brown Convention Center to the RPT—it was too late.  Governor Abbott, Attorney General Ken Paxton and 7 of the Texas Supreme Court Justices killed the RPT’ critical in-person Convention.  (It is noteworthy that one brave Justice dissented from the majority and wrote a 13-page opinion correctly setting forth the law which, if followed, would have granted the RPT’s injunction and allowed the RPT’s massive Convention to go forward.)

I am writing this article after surviving the RPT’s on-line Convention.  Your LCRP rented a conference room so its delegates could at least have some camaraderie while going through this on-line experiment.  The on-line Convention turned out to be a nightmare. It was plagued by technological issues which resulted in countless wasted hours.  Those wasted hours and continued “system problems” made our Convention more akin to a root canal rather than a critical energizing event.  Most of the caucuses worked throughout the night and into the early morning hours. Indeed, I was not able to adjourn our SD-24 Caucus until 4:30am on Monday after working the previous two nights well into the morning.  In all this mess, Governor Abbott showed his “utmost empathy” by giving a short, pre-recorded speech in which he did not even address why he had put his Party in this impossible position. Rather, he said some meaningless words and ended his recording by still insisting he was “fighting for Texas”.  Not surprising, when the recording ended, everyone in our conference room booed the Governor as loud as we could.  He had thrown his entire Party, all of us, “under the bus” and had no apparent regrets.

Since March, Abbott has unilaterally issued and amended various oppressive Executive Orders.  Executive Orders which strip thousands of Texans of their livelihood and resulted in untold domestic abuse and misery.  He says it was necessary because of the deadly Covid-19 virus.  The facts show that Covid-19 is a virus just like the flu is a virus. Indeed, Covid-19 has a fatality rate about the same as the flu which comes around every year. It is not the Black Plague!  If you get Covid-19, you may or may not have any adverse symptoms and your chance of dying is miniscule. The Democrats and the mainstream media have latched on to this “plague narrative” solely because they want to defeat Donald Trump.  There are more cases being reported because more tests are being done and the virus is doing what every virus does—it spreads.  Indeed, one wants it to spread to the vast “non-vulnerable” portions of our society so we can ultimately defeat it with “herd immunity.” This is common-sense!  Yet, Abbott wants to look like he is being “strong and taking action.” So, he continues his illegal Executive Orders crushing our liberties and sapping the joy out of our lives.  If Abbott really believed Covid-19 was that serious, rather than unilaterally negating state law and our Constitution, he should have called a Special Session  of the Legislature and let it develop laws based on input from our Elected Representatives’ constituents.  That way, our Elected Representatives would have to justify their vote or face possible calls for their replacement in the next Republican Primary.  By unilaterally issuing Executive Orders, Abbott has allowed every one of our Representatives from having to take any responsibility for the illegal oppression being forced on Texans.

So why did Abbott want to prevent the RPT’s 2020 in-person Convention?  Because he knew that virtually all of the 8,000 delegates would publicly boo him if he appeared at the Convention to speak and that would jeopardize his political ambitions for even higher office. The Press would have a field day with that story.  He was, in fact, booed in hundreds of sites where people gathered and had to be subjected to his recorded speech. But those public displays of anger and disgust were spread out and thus not noticed by the Press.

The LCRP is one of about 10 Republican County Parties which have formally censured Governor Abbott for his abuse of power and his failure to abide by the core principles of the RPT.  Those, too, were set to be possibly taken up at the in-person Convention.  It may or may not have been passed, but Abbott could not afford to have an open public debate on whether the entire RPT should publicly censure him.

Ultimately, Governor Abbott put his own political ambitions above the welfare of Texans.  Attorney General Ken Paxton did the same by filing a brief against the RPT knowing it would severely hurt dedicated Republicans.  As did the 7 Republican Supreme Court Justices who bowed to the Governor’s wishes.  This conduct cannot be condoned any longer and their occupation of positions of public trust must end.  This call to action is not one which will divide the Republican Party and open the door for the Democrats to take control of Texas.  It is a call that these specific 9 individuals must be primaried and replaced by a Republican who will follow our Constitution and the Rule of Law.

The moniker of the Republican Party is an Elephant.  Elephants do not forget—and neither will we when these 9 public figures are up for re-election!

Doug Sanders, Chairman—Llano County Republican Party