“For The Sake of Our Country” County Convention

Thank you to all who attended the Llano County Republican Party Convention yesterday, June 20.  We had an incredible turn-out, especially considering the current virus situation. I want to also specifically  thank all of our Precinct Chairs who worked so hard to make the Convention successful.  It was truly a Team effort.

I believe an appropriate take-away from our Convention would be as follows: “For the sake of our children in Texas, we must elect Lani Popp to the Texas State Board of Education. And for the sake of our Country, we must re-elect President Trump.”  If you have not already done so, please put a Lani Popp and an Anti-Robert Morrow sign up in your yard or other location where it can be prominently seen   Also, please tell everyone to vote in the upcoming July 14 Republican Run-off election.  Morrow is a complete clown and should not be involved with the Texas State Board of Education in any way!

Finally, several of you have asked that I post and share my brief  Convention Speech.  I am happy to do so and it is set forth or attached below.  Once again I will be calling on each of you to actively work with your LCRP to get out the vote in July and November.  Because of you, Llano County enjoys one of the highest percentage Republican voter turn-outs in the entire State of Texas.  Now, more than ever, we must again Rise to the Challenge.  Your Country and your children’s future depends on it.

God Bless, Doug Sanders—Chairman”

For The Sake of Our Country—It’s Time to Fight and Get Out The Vote

    “May You Live in Interesting Times!”  It sounds like a cheerful wish, doesn’t it?  Actually, it’s an Ancient Chinese Curse.  And we do now live in “Interesting Times.”

Three months ago, we had one of the best economies in our Nation’s history.  We had this economy because President Trump eliminated hundreds of job-killing government regulations, actively worked to bring jobs back to the United States, and constantly fought against illegal immigration.  We also enjoyed renewed respect from our Foreign allies and enemies alike because of President Trump’s effective and direct foreign policy.  Indeed, despite all the hurdles thrown at him, President Trump delivered on each one of his campaign promises and truly did “Make America Great Again!”  That was just 3 months ago.

Today, thanks to the Chinese Corona Virus, and the resultant economic lockdown, our economy has been wrecked. Millions of Americans are unemployed and numerous businesses are bankrupt.  In addition, our national debt has soared as repeated stimulus bills have been enacted to try to stave off a total economic collapse. We shouldn’t fault our President for this because he acted as any reasonable person would when told by the “infectious disease scientists” that millions of Americans would die if he did not immediately lock down the economy.  We now know that this advice, and much of the other information we were told about this Virus, were wrong.  The empirical data now clearly shows that the fatality rate of this Virus is relatively miniscule and that it primarily adversely affects those over 80 years of age or those with a significant pre-existing health condition.  The effectiveness and advisability of wearing masks is now completely debatable—with significant empirical evidence showing that masks actually cause more harm than good because you constantly touch your face when wearing one.  The only precaution that truly makes sense with this virus, as with all others, is to follow the advice that each of our Mothers gave us— wash your hands.  Just wash your hands.

The Democrats and other leftist organizations have seized on the current economic turmoil, including the recent rioting, to enhance their power and impose their “progressive” agenda on America.  They are primarily accomplishing this by1) continuing to arbitrarily decide who is “essential” and who is not; 2) mandating how every American will behave in going through their daily life, and most importantly 3) conditioning Americans that it is ok for them to let the Government dictate how they live their lives.  Sounds like North Korea—not America.

Now, I am not one who peddles in conspiracy theories, but this all seems just too convenient.  Consider the following.  This is a Presidential Election Year.   Prior to the virus, President Trump had successfully transformed our Country from a Nation in decline to being once again the Greatest Nation in the World.  Add to the foregoing the fact that the Democrats have fielded probably their weakest Presidential Candidate in our life-times.  And add to all that, the fact that we now have an Attorney General who is committed to investigating and, if appropriate, exposing and indicting those who were in the highest levels of our Intelligence Agencies and DOJ (and perhaps in the Obama Administration) all of whom attempted a silent coup against a sitting President.  Many extremely powerful swampy men and swampy organizations are facing an existential threat if President Trump is re-elected.  In addition, leftist radicals and progressives, who want to throw out our capitalist system and replace it with Socialism, know that their goals cannot be realized as long as Trump remains in Office.  When faced with an existential threat, one has two choices—flee or fight.  Because everything is on the line for them, the Swamp , the Coup Conspirators, and the Socialist Democrats (once again aided by the totally biased “main stream media”) have all decided to fight this President through any and all means, legal and otherwise—and even if it means destroying our Country. The scary thing is that if we don’t energize and actively fight back, they may very well succeed.

How do we save our Country?  I submit each of us has to do the following:

  1. We must vocally challenge the Democrats’ numerous false narratives. And we do that with facts.  When they make an assertion, ask them specifically what facts they have to back up their assertion.  Do your research and have your facts ready.  I have used this common-sense approach repeatedly and it is extremely effective.  The Democrats simply do not have the facts on their side to support their divisive rhetoric. So, instead, when faced with this dilemma, the Democrats always default to name-calling.  Expect it and maybe remind them of the childhood saying of “Sticks and stones……”
  2. We cannot continue to cower and run-away from the Democrats’ race-baiting identity politics. This applies to every one of our Republican representatives in Congress and in our State Legislature as well. The Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln and the Party of Inclusion of all Conservatives. Again, rely on the actual facts.  For example, one of the current Democrat narratives is that there is systemic racial bias in our police departments.  As was recently pointed out in a Wall Street Journal article, an actual study listing all reported White on Black police shootings shows just the opposite!  Point that out to them!  Similarly, when the Democrats claim that you’re a Racist and have “White Privilege”—tell them “No, to the contrary, it is in fact you who are being Racist in both your  words and actions.”     Tell them that to claim that White Privilege exists is, in itself, racist. For such a Privilege to exist, one must assume Whites are superior and non-Whites are inferior. Tell them that you refuse to accept that assumption because it is not true and to do otherwise (as they are doing) would be Racist.  In sum, we simply cannot cower when they resort to any name calling be it racist, sexist, etc.  You have truth on your side.  Stand up and use the Truth!
  3. And finally, We must get President Trump re-elected. Some of us may not like his style at times, but he fights for our Country every day and always puts America’s interests first.  He has fought for us and now it is time that we fight like hell for him.  And that starts right now at this Convention.  We will stand with our President and we will turn out the vote for him.  It will take up our time and it will mean we will have to work, but we will do it.  To be Silent or inactive in this election year is to fail your Country and condemn your children and their children to a life of misery.  For the Sake of Our Country—we must actively get out the vote for President Trump and for all Republicans.  We are the People and we will be Heard!