Direction for Llano County Republican Party

Direction for Llano County Republican Party

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With a newly appointed Chair of the Llano County Republican Party (LCRP), many may wonder what the
focus might be moving forward.  Chair Denise Rives shared opening comments at the Star Republican Women’s meeting on January 19, 2021 that gives insight into what direction she likely has for the LCRP. Below are those opening remarks.

The following was in the January 2021 Texas Federation of Republican Women Newsletter from President Glynis Chester:

In Texas, we believe in liberty, the Constitution, the rule of law, and the principles that our Republican Party of Texas Platform so beautifully expresses.  The Preamble of the Texas Constitution summarizes  this well:

“Affirming our belief in God, we still hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Throughout the world, people dare to dream of freedom and opportunity.  The Republican Party of Texas unequivocally defends that dream.  We strive to preserve the freedom given to us by God, implemented by our Founding Fathers, and embodied in the Constitution.  We recognize that the traditional family is the strength of our nation.  It is our solemn duty to protect innocent life and develop responsible citizens.  We understand that our economic success depends upon free market principles.  If we fail to maintain our sovereignty, we risk losing the freedom to live these ideals.”

More than ever before, our job as Texas Republicans is to educate and warn of the evil and lies of socialism and the freedom and life offered by the type of government our Founders set up for us.

Here in Texas, we must hang on to our freedom of religion and other First Amendment rights, and ensure no losses of our Second Amendment, because that is what protects those rights.

No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow or next week or next year, but Texas Republicans must continue to fight to hold onto these freedoms and rights.  In the Republican Part of Texas (RPT) Chairman’s January 11th “Monday Message,” Lt. Col. Allen West, who has twenty-two years of active-duty military service, assured that he is prepared to lead Republicans to “be resolute, forthright, and stand like an immovable rock.”

Col. West described the five forms of maneuver against the enemy the Army taught him: infiltration, penetration, turning movement, envelopment, and frontal assault.  Most of us without a military background are not familiar with these maneuvers but he explained that 30 years ago, our forces in Kuwait and Iraq conducted the largest envelopment operation in modern day military history.  The problem with Republicans, West said, is that “we often choose the worst form of maneuver, the frontal assault.”

“The real issue from the 2020 election cycle is that the left enveloped Republican State legislatures.  The left targeted and encircled key Republican State legislatures in places like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona, among others, and changed election law by way of governors, secretaries of state, and judicial activism.  They implanted unconstitutional actions such as universal mail-in ballots and changing ballot signature verification standards.”

He went on to say, “One thing the left, like any bully, relies upon is the lack of intestinal fortitude from us, their political opposition.”  As strong conservatives, we have to seize every opportunity to let our voices be heard.  The conservative voice should be heard regarding the eight Legislative Priorities which were selected and adopted by the Texas Republican Convention in 2020.  These priorities are:

  1. Election Integrity
  2. Religious Freedom
  3. Abolish Gender Modification Practices for Children
  4. Abolish Abortion
  5. Constitutional Carry
  6. Monument Protection
  7. School Choice for All
  8. Ban Taxpayer-funded Lobbying

The time has come for strong conservatives to roll up our sleeves and get busy.  It is easy to say that this is up to our elected officials and there is nothing a private citizen can do about these priorities for the Legislature.  But the key is that these are “elected” officials and they DO listen to the voice of their constituents.

Your voice CAN be heard and some of the strategies include:

  • Making phone calls and writing emails/letters to elected officials encouraging them to author or co-sponsor bills that would pass legislation addressing the RPT priorities.
  • Taking every opportunity to talk to family, friends, and neighbors about our conservative values;
  • Finding strong conservatives to run for School Board, City Council, Mayor, POA Board positions, even MUD or Water Management District elections.

We have no reason to be scared.  God didn’t give us a spirit of fear.  What we need are people willing to step up and work to let our voices be heard for conservative Christian values.  We also need leaders who are calm, cool, and collected under fire, and who won’t cower to the left.  This is the time to show the left the intestinal fortitude of the conservative citizens of Llano County.  Don’t give in, don’t give up!