Answer the Call

“Your County, State, and Country Need You—Answer the Call!

Douglas Sanders

The upcoming November election is the most important mid-term election in our lifetime. On the national level, if the Dems take control of the Senate, confirmation of good, conservative federal judges will come to a halt. Senator Cruz is in the fight of his life and his opponent, Beto O’Rourke, is raising 4 times as much money as Cruz—largely from out of Texas contributions. If the Dems take control of the House, they will initiate impeachment proceedings against President Trump and Trump’s (and our) Conservative Agenda (which has, if fact, made America strong and great again) will be severely stymied if not killed altogether. President Trump would be relegated to issuing Executive Orders, which of course can be “overturned by the stroke of a pen” by any future President. Please Google “Trump’s Accomplishments.” It is absolutely amazing how many significant conservative—America building—accomplishments that our President has enacted in under two short years!! He needs our support and we need him if we are going to continue to build and maintain a strong and prosperous America for all Americans—present and future.

On the State and County level, “down ticket” races are most vulnerable. Four out of the six Justices on the Austin Court of Appeals are up for re-election. The Austin Court of Appeals is critically important, because among other things, all appeals of State Regulatory actions are decided by that court. By some estimate, our Republican Justices must take 35% of the mainly liberal Travis County vote to prevail. All of the rural counties in their Judicial District, including Llano County, must have a tremendous voter turnout in order to “shrink” the number of conservative votes needed from Travis County. Otherwise, the Austin Court of Appeals will go Democrat and liberal court rulings will become the norm—all to Texas’ detriment.

Your County, State and Country need you!! Voter apathy is our enemy and it is something that is wholly within our control and power to fight. You must not only vote, but you must ensure that your neighbors and their neighbors vote a straight party Republican ticket. Your Llano County Republican Party is organized and is leading the GOTV campaign in Llano County. Contact your Precinct Chair and volunteer to make a few phone calls, put out signs and otherwise engage in the fight! We all must do our part—every one of us. Our future, and our children’s future, depends on it! God Bless You and God Bless America!

Doug Sanders, Chairman-Llano County Republican Party