Congratulations!! You Just Made History!

“Congratulations!! You Just Made History!”

Douglas Sanders

         On November 6, 2018, Llano County turned out more votes for a mid-term election than ever before in its history!  Over 10,000 voters cast their ballot, which represented approximately 65% of all registered voters in the County.  Republican voter turn out was even more impressive—coming in right at our 80% GOTV goal.  Politically, this is huge! Assuming the Republican Party of Texas calculates its county delegate count on the same basis as in 2014, Llano County will increase its total number of delegates from 18 to 27—a whooping 50% increase!  Llano County has just become a real player in Texas Republican politics.  To each of you I say “Well done and Thank You!”

As with any meaningful accomplishment, the above voter turn out was not just happenchance—it was the result of a lot of focused hard work.  Your Llano County Republican Party set an ambitious GOTV goal and followed an organized plan of action to accomplish that goal.  Much was asked of, and expected from, your Precinct Chairmen.  They answered the call fully.  Working together, your LCRP Precinct Chairmen and their volunteers did the following:  raised over $8,000 on an expedited basis to pay for the GOTV agenda; purchased and distributed 900 Ted Cruz yard signs; purchased and distributed over 450 LCRP “Vote” yard signs; participated with the Llano Tea Party and the Burnet County Republican Party in purchasing and displaying 22 large Cruz fence signs throughout the County and region; set up an effective community communication system through our totally redesigned website and facebook page (thank you Precinct Chairman Belle Guice); organized phone banks in each precinct, which collectively made over 5,000 GOTV phone calls; designed and distributed over 10,000 GOTV push cards; purchased and ran GOTV advertisements in 3 local newspapers during the two weeks leading up to the election; and last, but not least, recorded and sent out thousands of GOTV robo calls to those Republicans who had not early voted to insure that they understood the importance of having their voice heard during this critical election. It worked!  To all of my Precinct Chairmen and to all who actively participated in our GOTV campaign—and to all of you who did your patriotic duty and voted—THANK YOU!

Your LCRP is energized and ready to continue to work hard for those who believe in the conservative, law and order principles which have made America the undisputed leader of the World and the envy of every other country.  Our President has done an amazing job in MAGA, but he will need our help to continue to deliver for America.  He now faces a Democrat House. Expect more subpoenas and calls for impeachment as the Dems try to return America to the socialistic and destructive path on which Obama and his cronies had led her.  Despite this, you can also absolutely expect that our President will not back down and will continue to fight for a strong America which adheres to the law rather than advocating breaking it.  You can also expect, with an increased Republican majority in the Senate, that the federal judiciary will continue to improve with the confirmation of conservative judges who are committed to the rule of law and who will refrain from legislating from the bench.  There will be a lot of noise during the next two years, but our conservative agenda for America will move forward.

In closing, let me say that it has been a real honor and privilege to serve as your Republican County Chairman.  Great things are happening in Llano County and I look forward to continuing to work with your Precinct Chairs and with each of you in insuring that Llano County and America are as strong as they can be.  Our goals for 2018 were ambitious and so will our goals be going into 2020.  Stay tuned—you ain’t seen nothing yet!!  God bless each of you!


Doug Sanders, Chairman—Llano County Republican Party